Motivational keynotes for students

Relevant presentations
in an entertaining way.

Motivational keynotes to inspire and reward students, and to counter dropping out.


Student motivation and school dropout in Quebec have been concerns for several years. Over 50 schools have a dropout rate greater than 25% and, in some cases, it is more than half of students who leave high school without a diploma. With such statistics, there is good reason to worry…

You can help your students meet the challenges in the workforce and achieve their dreams.

Students can often have the impression that staying passionate and enthusiastic about their career goals is going to be very difficult; they are bombarded by news of bankruptcies, large corporations closing their doors, work conflicts, layoffs and unemployment. .

Can we than be surprised to see that our adolescents and young adults may not feel that they are living up to their dreams?

Students can often have the impression that staying passionate and enthusiastic about their career goals is going to be very difficult; they are bombarded by news of bankruptcies, large corporations closing their doors, work conflicts, layoffs and unemployment. .

Can we than be surprised to see that our adolescents and young adults may not feel that they are living up to their dreams?

You can repeatedly tell your students that hard work is the key to success, but when they will be faced with difficulties and obstacles, their ambition, motivation, perseverance, and desire to succeed will determine if they will put forth the effort to make it or not.

Fortunately, you can do something that will teach them the advantages of positive thinking and determination and will increase their motivation and chance for success.

Since 2003, The Magic of Success™ has been presented on numerous occasions at secondary learning institutions, adult education seminars, and professional conferences including APEC and ACDEC Quebec.


Your academic institution can benefit from this educational presentation. The program focuses on motivational problems, dropping out, and other topics relevant to students’ needs, while providing them with positive goals and the means to achieve them.

“This knowledgeable performer knows how to juggle words as well as he can juggle objects. He knows how to communicate his ideas effectively and clearly; he is full of energy. We will have him back next year, for sure!”

-Dominique Tardif, Director
Charles-Gravel High School

The presentation

The Magic of Success™ is a performance that is specifically formulated to meet your audience’s needs and time restrictions. By combining magic tricks, some visual, others humorous intermingled with lecture segments in which I discuss certain concepts that will make the difference between success and failure in personal and professional undertakings alike.


Concepts covered

Success and Passion

It is imperative to first establish that success is not a universal concept and that the definition of success varies from one person to another. Money should not be the sole driving factor in choosing a career, as wealth without passion is not fulfilling. You must determine your own criteria for success based on your needs, beliefs, and preferences. Your career choice should be a way to thrive and grow more so than a means to an end.

Knowing the Stakes

We can do whatever we choose as long as we are prepared to pay the price. Tony Robbins wrote, “Everything that has ever been created was first conceived in the creator’s imagination.” There can be a long road between having a dream and making it a reality and you must be prepared to make sacrifices. Your dream must be valuable enough, in your eyes, to empower and motivate you until the end. Deciding this is crucial.

Luck Does Not Exist

Probability exists…that is science. But, luck is a myth. Justifying your successes to good luck and your failures to bad luck is an easy way out, undoubtedly because these beliefs console us. But, we make our own luck by being as prepared as possible and taking advantage of our opportunities.


« The Secret to Success is Trying »


I also touch on themes like: perseverance, attitude toward risk, as well as the importance of confidence.

Why combine entertainment and motivational speaking?

The performance side of the presentation also serves an educational purpose. First of all, the magic grabs the audience’s attention and produces an interest in a certain profession at which point I explain the hidden work behind succeeding in my profession, which initially appears to be nothing more than entertainment.

Furthermore, the magic tricks serve to show that we can realize seemingly impossible thing if we give ourselves the chance to figure out new solutions.

Finally, the performance acts symbolize the end of a theme and the beginning of the following theme that will be discussed.

I share my professional journey and the « truths » that I discovered along the way. These helped me succeed in the highly competitive entertainment industry and they will help my audience in all of their undertakings.


“Alternating between more visual acts and humorous lecture segments is a winning formula. It seems that your themes of passion, perseverance, and luck were particularly touching to the audience.”


-Danielle Joncas, c.o. & Janick Deschâtelets, cisep
Centre Christ-Roi

Whoever adopts this attitude and lives it on a daily basis is likely to lead a happier and more productive life.

Étienne has inspired thousands of students, including:

  • Académie Catholique Ange-Gabriel, Brockville ON
  • Académie Antoine-Manseau, Joliette QC
  • Cégep de Jonquière, Jonquière QC
  • Cégep de La Pocatière, La Pocatière QC
  • Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Jérôme QC
  • Centre d’Éducation aux Adultes du Goéland, La Prairie QC
  • Centre d’Éducation aux Adultes Laure-Conan, Chicoutimi QC
  • Centre d’Éducation aux Adultes Mgr-Beaudoin, Saint-Georges QC
  • Centre d’éducation des adultes des Draveurs, Gatineau QC
  • Centre d’éducation et de formation de l’Est Ontarien, Casselman ON
  • Centre d’Études Collégiales de Montmagny, Montmagny QC
  • Centre de Formation Continue des Patriotes, St-Eustache QC
  • Centre de formation des Nouvelles-Technologies, Sainte-Thérèse QC
  • Centre de formation horticole de Laval, Laval QC
  • Centre de formation La Croisée, Repentigny QC
  • Centre Île Perrot, L’Île Perrot QC
  • Centre Le Bellerive, Vaudreuil-Dorion QC
  • Centre Saint-Paul, Montréal QC
  • Cité étudiante Polyno, La Sarre QC
  • Coalition Ontarienne de Formation des Adultes (COFA)
  • Collège Boréal, Sudbury ON
  • Collège Bourget, Rigaud QC
  • Collège de l’Assomption, l’Assomption QC
  • Collège de l’Horizon, Trois-Rivières QC
  • Collège Laval, Laval QC
  • Collège Mont-Royal, Montréal QC
  • Collège Notre-Dame, Sudbury ON
  • Collège Reine Marie
  • Conseil Scolaire Catholiques des Grandes Rivières, Timmins ON
  • Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury ON
  • École Brassard – Saint-Patrice, Magog QC
  • École de l’Équinoxe, Laval QC
  • École Des Patriotes, Saint-Eustache QC
  • École du Plateau, Gatineau QC
  • École Georges-Vanier
  • École l’Impact, Mascouche QC
  • École La Courvilloise, Québec QC
  • École Pierre-Bédard, Saint-Rémi QC
  • École Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montréal QC
  • École Sainte-Famille / Aux Trois Chemins, Thurso QC
  • École secondaire Barthélemy-Joliette, Joliette QC
  • École secondaire catholique Champlain, Chelmsford ON
  • École secondaire catholique La Renaissance
  • École secondaire catholique Trillium, Chapleau ON
  • École secondaire Cavelier-De LaSalle, Montréal QC
  • École secondaire Charles-Gravel, Chicoutimi QC
  • École secondaire Curé-Antoine-Labelle, Laval QC
  • École secondaire de l’Escale, Val-des-Sources QC
  • École secondaire de l’Odyssée/Dominique-Racine, Chicoutimi QC
  • École secondaires des Chutes, Shawinigan QC
  • École secondaire d’Oka, Oka QC
  • École secondaire de la Baie Saint-François, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC
  • École secondaire de St-Anselme, St-Anselme QC
  • École secondaire des Hauts-Sommets, Saint-Jérôme QC
  • École secondaire des Patriotes-de-Beauharnois, Beauharnois QC
  • École secondaire Esdras-Minville, Grande-Vallée QC
  • École secondaire Félix-Leclerc (CSSMB), Pointe-Claire QC
  • École secondaire Félix-Leclerc (CSSDA), Repentigny QC
  • École secondaire Georges-Vanier, Laval QC
  • École secondaire La Ruche, Magog QC
  • École secondaire La Concorde, Senneterre QC
  • École secondaire La Poudrière, Drummondville QC
  • École secondaire le Delta, Matagami Qc
  • École secondaire Le Relais, Alexandria ON
  • École secondaire le Tremplin, Malartic QC
  • École secondaire Mont-Bleu, Gatineau, QC
  • École secondaire Père-Marquette, Montréal QC
  • École secondaire Polybel, Beloeil QC
  • École secondaire Porte-du-Nord Chibougamau, Chibougamau QC
  • École secondaire Samuel-De Champlain, Québec QC
  • École secondaire Sieur-de-Coulonge, Mansfield QC
  • École secondaire Sophie Barat, Montréal QC
  • École secondaire St-Maxime, Laval QC
  • École secondaire Soulanges
  • École secondaire Thérèse-Martin, Joliette QC
  • École secondaire Val-Mauricie, Shawinigan QC
  • Institut Secondaire Keranna, Trois-Rivières QC
  • École Sophie-Barat, Montréal QC
  • Polyvalente Chanoine-Armand-Racicot, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC
  • Polyvalente Curé-Mercure, Mont-Tremblant QC
  • Polyvalente des Appalaches, Sainte-Justine QC
  • Polyvalente des Monts, Sainte-Thérèse QC
  • Polyvalente Jean-Dolbeau, Dolbeau-Mistassini QC
  • Polyvalente Montignac, Lac-Mégantic QC
  • Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau, Gatineau QC
  • Polyvalente Robert-Ouimet, Acton Vale QC
  • Polvalente Saint-Jérôme, St-Jérôme QC
  • Polyvalente Saint-Joseph de Mont-Laurier, Mont-Laurier QC
  • Semaine Matapédienne de la persévérance scolaire
  • Séminaire des Pères Maristes, Sillery QC

Et plusieurs autres…

Testimonials from Schools/Academic Establishments:

“Quel moment fantastique pour nos élèves de l’adaptation scolaire. M. Vendette a livré un message inspirant pour nos jeunes. Il a fait valoir l’importance de la persévérance et de l’effort pour accomplir nos objectifs et nos rêves.

Grâce à l’alternance des messages et de la magie, il a su maintenir l’attention de nos jeunes et mettre de la valeur à notre colloque: Mon parcours, j’y crois!” , car il a su croire en son propre parcours de vie et nous démontrer que nous pouvons choisir sa voie!”

Lison Montambeault

Directrice adjointe, adaptation scolaire, École secondaire Mont-Bleu

We would like to thank you for your presentation as part of the Career Day held at the Curé-Antoine-Labelle school (part of the Laval School Board). Your message was delivered in a language accessible to the students, and was able to let them reflect on their academic motivation and goals in their personal and professional lives. We are very pleased with the feedback received from students and teachers about your speech. Some even mentioned that it was the highlight of the day.

I personally attended your presentation and I thought you were simply amazing. I am delighted to be able to hear and see how your message was appropriate and exciting for our students. You really made them the focus, and made them think about the importance of respecting their fundamental values.

– Claudette Dion, Guidance counselor

Lise Rochon, Guidance counselors, Gisèle Aubé, Director, 11th grade

Our students enjoyed your conference very much. They found the content very interesting and appreciated your humor and your energy. I smiled when the veterinarian told me that he met a student who was truly surprised when he asked him: What do you like the least about your job?
For my part, I was more than pleased to see that the messages make our young, and not so young, reflect. You even made me question myself.

Your charisma, your humor and kindness are the qualities that were mentioned by several of our students and teachers!

Thank you and we hope to see you again!

Marie-Isabelle Fafard

School Information Advisor, Collège de l’Assomption

Thank you for having been able to awaken the curiosity of our students and making them see the potential that each of them has within themselves in such an original and entertaining way.

Your presentation, filled with humour, magic and personal anecdotes, kept their attention until the end. We received nothing but positive feedback. The themes are directly related to their situations and allowed them to develop a new vision.

Many thanks from all the staff and students.

Jocelyn Veilleux

Director, Centre d’éducation des adultes Mgr Beaudoin – Les Sources

This is to congratulate you on your performance at the Quebec Week of Adult Learners (SQAF) which took place in Montmagny on April 6.

The senior management of the school board, as well as the senior management of the continuing education department, were very happy to see that the speech topic was so consistent with the theme of QWAL.

In addition, the magic illusions helped create an atmosphere conducive to openness and passion. It is with eagerness that I will recommend your motivational speech to anyone looking for an entertaining and spectacular speech.

I hope we have the opportunity to invite you back for another presentation in Montmagny.

Thank you again,

Mireille Laflamme, Educational Consultant

Continuing education service, Centre d’études collégiales de Montmagny

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Étienne Vendette at the Montignac high school during the student retention week. Dealing with a jam packed auditorium full of students in 7th, 8th and 9th grade, Mr. Vendette dazzled his audience brillantly. They were all attentive, captivated and impressed by both the messages delivered and by the magic presented. Teachers were not left out and I could see several taking notes while laughing quite a lot. Mr. Vendette’s motivational presentation fit well with the direction we wanted to give this student retention week: passion, enthusiasm and dedication. He delivered a key message in a very entertaining way.

It is with confidence that I would recommend this presentation to any high school wishing to demonstrate the importance of perseverance to its students.

Mylène Pomerleau, CO

Montignac High School

As part of the Student Retention Days, we presented the motivational performance “The Magic of Success” by Étienne Vendette to our young students from elementary school (5th and 6th grade), and high school students.

As a speaker, he connects well with young people in a funny and spectacular way (using magic) but also with very motivational speech content.

The young people liked the presentation, and clearly understood his message. The older students thought the presentation was entertaining and motivating. Mission accomplished!

France Chapdelaine

CEO, Haute-Matawinie Chamber of Commerce

I received several comments from teachers following the presentation. Everyone agreed that it was a quality presentation, with content that is very accessible and relevant to the reality of our youth. In addition, you held their attention until the very last second. Teachers told me that this conference should definitely be seen by as many young people as possible and that they’ll love to have you back next year. It’s rare when everyone so unanimously agrees on something, so I thought it was important to mention!

On behalf of the entire school staff, I want to thank you for your commitment. We work hard because we believe that we can make a difference for these kids. Do not hesitate to keep us informed of your activities. It will certainly be a pleasure to welcome you back to Père-Marquette school.

Karine Paquette

Assistant director, École Père-Marquette

On behalf of the Montérégie Leisure and Sport, and all the young people who participated in the Regional Leadership Conference on Saturday January 29, I wish to sincerely thank you for the motivational speech that you presented.

Motivating 80 teenagers on a Saturday morning at 9:30am was a real challenge, but you did it! The success of this eighth Regional Leadership Conference is due in part to the quality of your presentation. In total, 80 young leaders from ten high schools in the Montérégie region actively participated in the event under the theme “Young Leaders, Be Connected”.

Marie-Claude Lapointe

Conseillère en loisir, Montérégie Leisure and Sport

For our Career Day, we were looking for a speaker that could capture the attention of our students, and to entertain them while conveying a message that would motivate them to be engaged in their future academic and professional life. Your presentation perfectly fulfilled this mission.

We highly recommend this presentation. It is entertaining and communicates a message that emphasizes the importance of being motivated in the achievement of our goals.


Sophie L’Italien, Director, Saint-Maxime high school

Guillaume Bégin, Guidance counselor, Pascale Ostiguy, Education counselor

We wish to acknowledge the very positive impact that the two motivational keynotes presented to our students on August 31, for the Back to school day.

Your magic, humor and message generated much interest both among our students of all ages (both the first and the second cycle) and among our staff.

We would also like to mention your professionalism and attention with which you adjust your presentations based on the needs expressed.
It is without hesitation that we recommend your show for High School audiences.
We wish you the best in the future; keep sharing your passion!

Denis St-Hilaire

SASEC facilitator and student life, Polyvalente Robert-Ouimet

It is with great pleasure that the students and staff of Impact High School welcomed Mr. Étienne Vendette, Speaker and Magician, on January 25th.

Using the story of his own life, magic and his great passion, Étienne Vendette was able to inspire young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Indeed, he explains that there is more than one way to be happy and successful in life.

As a motivational speaker who is very involved with young people, he quickly captured the student’s and staff’s attention in the first few minutes of his presentation with an approach that is funny, sincere, passionate, objective, intelligent, respectful and professional.

In addition, his versatility and the ease with which he communicated with our students who are suffering from severe learning disabilities made this event a success.

Our entire school team heartily recommends him.

The staff and students of the Impact Mascouche

“This knowledgeable performer knows how to juggle words as well as he can juggle objects. He knows how to communicate his ideas effectively and clearly; he is full of energy. We will have him back next year, for sure!”

Dominique Tardif

Director, Charles-Gravel High School

“The students were enthusiastic and their comments were of admiration. All of those who assisted your conference were positively touched.”

Michelle Legault

ECC Teacher, Chene-Bleu Secondary School

“You knew exactly how to adapt your content for our students. Your message of motivation intermingled with your illusion tricks were well appreciated and presented with no condescension. Funny, captivating, exceptional were some of the words used by both students and faculty alike.”

Claude Bealieu, Director

Dominique Demers, Polyvalente Nicole-Gatineau

“Alternating between more visual acts and humorous lecture segments is a winning formula. It seems that your themes of passion, perseverance, and luck were particularly touching to the audience.”

Danielle Joncas

Janick Deschatelets, Centre Christ-Roi

“You succeeded in surpassing our expectations. Bravo…”

Keith Akerley

Adjunct Director, École Grande Rivière

“Your presentation managed to touch on the exact message we were trying to convey to our students. The students were able to retain a positive message from your show. A follow-up activity showed that in their own way, each student realized the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of their dreams.”

Melanie Langlois, C.O.

Monique Proulx Secondary School

“The 3rd year students as well as the faculty greatly appreciated your conference. The magic captured their attention and the messages that followed were well received. The students were very attentive; I was personally surprised. When they are fifteen, sixteen years old, it is usually not easy to get a message through to them but you did so in a remarkable way.”

Cecile Patry

Polyvalente de l’Erabliere

 “The students, as well as their instructors were unanimous in their positive comments. Your magic easily captured the students’ attention but it is your words on passion, perseverance, and effort that were retained by all. Your professionalism must equally be praised and it is with great pleasure that we recommend your conference for an academic setting, but also for any other audience.”

Michele Lepine, c.o. M.Ed

Du Versant Secondary School

“Without hesitation I recommend Mr. Vendette, who with his captivating words and magic tricks, was able to inspire our students to contemplate their futures.

Congratulations to Mr. Vendette!”

Andre Proulx

Adjunct Director, Louis-Jacques Casault High School